Anagama Wood Firing with Chris Gustin

June 6-16, 2019 with unloading on the 29th
Dartmouth, MA
$500 all fees go to support Watershed programs

Watershed co-founder Chris Gustin has five available spaces in his upcoming June anagama wood firing that are exclusively reserved for the Watershed community. This is a unique opportunity to work with Chris and participate in firing one of the great wood kilns in the country. We welcome all levels of wood firing experience, from beginner to advanced.

Working with a team of artists that have fired with Chris for years, participants will help with both the loading and stoking of the kiln and be an integral part of the crew throughout the firing. We’ll spend three and a half days loading, with teams working in each of the three chambers of the kiln. On the Saturday night of the loading, there will be a big party for the group at Chris and Nancy’s house. The unloading will take place on June 29th.

Please read on for all the details. If you have questions regarding the firing and what to expect, you may email Chris directly at

About the Kiln

The kiln has three chambers: the anagama chamber, approximately 450 cubic feet of stacking space; the large soda chamber, approximately 100 cubic feet; and the smaller residual chamber, approximately 35 cubic feet. We use about eight to ten cords of wood for the firing. Firing shifts will be determined by sign up, with each person responsible for a minimum of three eight-hour shifts.

What to Bring/How to Prep

Each participant may bring up to 10 cubic feet of work for the firing. All work must be made of high fire stoneware or porcelain, bisqued and ready to load, as there will be no glazing on site. Work from all participants gets loaded into the kiln, and every consideration is given to ensure that everybody gets equal space. The kiln is loaded by both a shelf and a tumble-stack method, and consequently, the shape and size of the pieces often determine where and how it is stacked in the kiln. Work may be designated to be loaded in any of the three chambers.


  • June 3: All work to arrive on site (unless driving, then arrive by June 5 with work)       
  • June 6 – 9: Loading (all participants should be ready to begin loading by 9 a.m. June 6.)
  • June 8: Evening party at Nancy and Chris’ house.
  • June 9-16: Fire the kiln
  • June 29: Kiln unload*

*Being present at the unload is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended. If participants cannot come to the unloading, their work will be sent back in its original packaging (the boxes and materials they used to ship their pieces). A fee will be charged for packing the pieces (to be determined on an individual basis). All shipping fees will be the responsibility of the participant.


The kiln site has plenty of room for tents and camping, with restroom and shower facilities, as well as possible floor space in the gallery area for sleeping. Accommodations are not guaranteed, however, so each participant will be responsible for their own housing. For more information, contact Chris directly at