Financial Assistance

Watershed provides financial aid to artists interested in attending a residency through partial and full scholarships, as well as work exchanges.   

Summer Residency Scholarships

  • Partial scholarships cover up to two-thirds of the residency cost.   All artists are eligible to apply for scholarships. To participate in a residency, the only prerequisite is that you are comfortable working independently in a clay studio.
  • Kiln God Awards are merit scholarships that cover the full cost of housing, fees, and tuition to participate in a 2-week summer residency. 
  • Zenobia Award scholarships fully cover the cost of a two-week Watershed residency. The awards are given to artists of color with exceptional talent who are interested in ceramics. The artists need not primarily work in clay but must be comfortable working independently in a clay studio.

Scholarship awards are for summer residency sessions only and are determined with consideration given primarily to merit. A review committee of ceramics professionals makes annual determinations.  Funds cover residency fee-related items (housing in a double room, meals, and studio); there are no cash awards. Artists who are invited to participate as part of an AIA group are eligible for scholarships of up to $500. Award recipients are responsible for the cost of housing upgrades, travel expenses, materials, firings, and packing/shipping of work.

Full scholarship recipients (Kiln God and Zenobia Award recipients) are not eligible for funding again for three summers following an award and may only be fully funded twice in total.

Applicants may request award consideration with their residency application and provide supporting materials to determine eligibility. Applications are due February 1 and recipients are notified of their session placements and awards by mid-March.

Work Exchange Scholarships

The Fall Residency work-exchange scholarship provides a significant discount on the residency and housing fees in exchange for 16 hours of work per week. Work may include maintenance on the Watershed grounds, tasks in the studio, or some clerical/office work. Participants pay separately for materials and firings.

More detailed information can be found here when we are accepting Fall Residency applications.  
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School Funded Assistantships

Several colleges and universities collaborate with Watershed to provide funded assistantships to their students. The school pays a work-exchange residency fee directly to Watershed, and the student participates in the residency free of charge in exchange for 15 hours of work per week.  Click here to learn more about how the assistantship program works. Faculty members interested in setting up a funded assistantship with their school are encouraged to contact Watershed

If you are a student who has been chosen by their school to attend a summer residency session, please follow the link below to register. Watershed will notify students by early April of their session placement. Please note: funded assistants who attend Session III are required to work over the Salad Days weekend.