A Summer Celebration of Food & Ceramics

As the last days of July fly by and we welcome the start of August next week, we wanted to share a few photos from a Watershed mid-season celebration. During the final evening of our third 2017 residency session, our talented chefs, Adam Redd and Stephen Aleckna, treated residents and staff to a decadent five-course meal. Artists set a banquet table overlooking the meadow and neighboring farms, and decorated it with wildflowers arranged in handmade vases. Throughout the meal, the cooks plated each course on dinnerware sets created by the artists-in-residence; and following dessert, the group traded pieces from the sets to take home. It was a true celebration of creativity, local food, and summer with our wonderful ceramics community!  

Session leader Didem Mert smiles among friends as the delicious appetizers are served.

Summer staff member, Catherine Velasquez, enjoys the warm summer evening with the group.

Our location on the coast of Maine allows us to indulge in the best oysters around!

We raised our handmade ceramic cups to toast the chefs’ amazing work.

Ronan Peterson, Bebe Federmann, and Lisa Buck smile for a photo.

The beautifully plated main course on a plate made by Rachel Donner.

The meal was topped off with a delicious dessert made by Executive Director Fran Rudoff!


Thanks to the chefs, summer staff, and artists who made this event such a lovely celebration!