Exploring the Figure: Creative Growth and Expression

Summer Residency Session VI, August 14-26, has been organized by Lisa Merida-Paytes and will feature guest artist Kelly Rathbone.  Paytes shared insights into the development of the session theme and the plans she has for the residency. 


Kelly Rathbone

When I proposed this residency, I had three things in mind; to escape the daily practices that overwhelmed me, to have uninterrupted time in the studio and to work along side other artists I admire.

This unique residency grew from those ideas and brings a diverse group of sculptors to a salon-centered session where they will work perceptually and expressively using a live model. The residency will allow the group to discuss contemporary figuration while working in a classical format not often found in the ceramic community.

During the residency, the artists will work with live models during morning and afternoon sessions, in order to explore the figure through diverse approaches, materials and concepts. The rest of the time the artists have to interpret the figure poses into their own work. This particular group of artists’ work ranges from wheel thrown and large hand built ceramic forms to mixed media installations, all inspired by the figure. Thus the techniques used will range from solid modeling to hollowing, and construction using coil, slabs and the wheel.  We plan to hold group discussions and critiques as we learn from one another in the studio.


Lisa Merida-Paytes

About the Session Leader:

Lisa Merida-Paytes holds an M.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati (1997) and a B.F.A. from the Art Academy of Cincinnati (1991). She has exhibited her work regionally, nationally and internationally for the past 19 years.