Fall Residency


 photo by Meredith Morten

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Watershed has cancelled its 2020 residency sessions. For updates on our programs, subscribe to Watershed’s monthly e-newsletter.

During Watershed’s month-long fall residency, a small group of artists form a dynamic environment ripe for creative interaction and self-directed exploration. This unique opportunity encourages artists to immerse themselves in the studio, free from distractions and obligations. The residency provides time to develop your portfolio and connect with other artists.

Artists live in Watershed’s heated cabins and have full use of the communal kitchen, dining room, studio, and kiln facilities. Residents are responsible for their own food, and may prepare meals as a group or individually. During the residency, artists can choose to participate in community firings and workshops held on campus. Because of Watershed’s rural location, participants are strongly encouraged to bring a car to the residency. 

Fall Residency Fees:

The cost to attend the Fall Residency is the combined total of the residency fee and the housing fee. These fees cover 24-hour studio access, use of Watershed’s kitchen, common rooms, wifi, housing in private or double cabin rooms. Materials and firings are paid for at the end of the session and generally range from $100-$500. A $200 non-refundable deposit is due with registration and is applied toward the cost of the residency.

Tuition Fee: $975

Housing Fees:

Single Room, Private Bath:


Double Room, Private Bath:

$840 per person

Single Room, Shared Bath:


Double Room, Shared Bath

$560 per person

Residency Registration

Registering for a fall residency is easy: simply fill out the registration form and include images of your work. Watershed will follow up with you to welcome you to the residency and to verify that you’re comfortable working independently in a studio environment. After that conversation, if either party decides the residency is not a good match within 72 hours, Watershed will reimburse the $200 residency deposit.

Additional payments are due in two installments. Half of your remaining balance is due July 1 and your final payment is due August 1.  Artists who join the residency after August 1 should plan to pay their fees upon receipt on an invoice from Watershed.  Fees, minus the $200 deposit, are refundable until 30 days prior to the start of the session.


Financial Assistance*

A limited number of work-exchange positions are available for artists who demonstrate financial need. In exchange for 16 hours of work per week, residents pay a total reduced residency and housing fee of $975. Housing in double-occupancy rooms is provided. Work-exchange projects typically involve buildings and grounds maintenance or office assistance. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.


*If you only want to attend the residency if you receive a work exchange position, only fill out the work exchange application. Do not fill out the fall residency registration as well.