Artist Residencies at Watershed

Watershed residencies offer extended time in an open-studio setting, providing space to explore, experiment, and reflect. The only prerequisite is comfort working independently in a ceramics studio.


Summer Residency

During a two-week summer session, 16 artists-in-residence live and work alongside one another on campus. They enjoy dedicated studio space, housing in private or shared rooms, delicious meals, and 24-hour access to all facilities

Each session has a theme and is organized by a small group of artists. Additional participants then join the session, drawn by an interest in the theme and/or the work of the organizing artists. Learn more.


Fall Residency

A month-long residency held each fall provides ample time to explore new ideas and produce a body of work. A small group of artists form a dynamic environment ripe for creative interaction and self-directed exploration. Applications are open from March 15 to June 15 annually. Learn more.