Institution Assistantship Commitment Form

If you are a faculty member at a school that plans to fund a work-exchange assistantship residency to Watershed for one of your students, please fill in the information below and submit it to Watershed by January 30, 2024. Your selected student will then fill out a separate registration form and note their session/date preferences.

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If your institution has already determined the student that will be attending the residency, please include their name and email address below. If available, please also include their phone number. If you have not chosen a student yet, please write TBD.

Billing Information

Watershed will bill the institution (or the assistantship funder) directly for the total residency fee, which covers studio use, housing, and meals. Travel, materials, and firings are not covered by the assistantship. Invoices are sent in late March and are due in full by May 15.
Please indicate to whom we should direct the invoice for the assistantship.
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