Handbuilding Lesson Inquiry

To set up a classroom visit from a Watershed teaching artist, please fill in your information below. A teaching artist will follow up with you to make further arrangements and provide a final cost estimate.

  • Please list the person(s) responsible for payments and any appropriate contact info for them.
  • Watershed teaching artists can provide instruction for up to 3 classes per day.
  • Teaching artists can work with up to twenty students in a class. Classroom teachers must remain present during the lesson. For classes with more than twenty students, teaching artists will bring an assistant. An additional fee for the second instructor applies ($200 for a full day). There is a materials fee of $2 per student. All projects will be left wet at the school and can be air dried or fired in school kiln.
  • Please share when you would like to have your studio visit (a range of dates is fine), if there is a preferred time of day, and how long you would like your visit to last. Teaching artists can work with a maximum of three classes per day for a maximum of 1.5 hours per class.
  • Ceramic lessons can easily connect to other areas of study such as earth science, history, or cultural studies. Please indicate any lesson themes or focuses that you would like your teaching artist to incorporate into the lesson.
  • Please include anything else that you would like your teaching artist to know in advance.