Kiln Reservation Form

Artists who have been certified to use Watershed’s atmospheric kilns may rent them for individual or group use during the spring and fall. Watershed is currently accepting reservations for fall 2021, beginning on September 17.

  • Please read the kiln pad health & safety regulations prior to submitting this form.
  • Please note: When you reserve a kiln, you are agreeing to be responsible for the full cost of the rental and firing. If you are firing with a group and splitting the costs, you agree to collect payment from all parties and submit the total amount owed to Watershed in one payment via our payment portal. Watershed will no longer accept partial payment for a firing and will only accept payments in full via the online portal.
  • When selecting first and second choice start dates, please keep in mind the length of firings (4 days for the Gas Downdraft Kiln or Gas Salt/Soda Kiln & 5 days for the Catenary Arch Wood Kiln or Train Wood Kiln).
  • Your $20 non-refundable deposit is applied to your final firing fees. If we are unable to accommodate either of your preferred dates, we will refund your deposit.
  • For pricing and any other kiln firing questions, please contact Studio Manager, Reeder Fahnestock

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Please select the kiln or kilns you would like to rent.
Please note: Gas Downdraft Kiln and Gas Salt/Soda Kiln reservations are for 4 days. Catenary Arch Wood Kiln and Train Wood Kiln reservations are 5 days. Please keep this in mind as you select your preferred start date.
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Please let us know if there are any special notes regarding your proposed kiln firing.
Firing Payment Agreement*
As the organizer of this kiln firing, you are agreeing to be responsible for the full cost of the kiln rental and firing. If applicable, you agree to collect all associated payments from other parties participating in the firing and submit the total payment in full to Watershed via their online payment system.
Liability Waiver*
Please read Watershed's Liability Waiver, and check the box below to indicate your voluntary agreement. If you have any questions regarding the Liability Waiver, you may email Watershed's Executive Director at