2024 Invitational Pottery Sale Sign Up Form

To participate in the 2024 Salad Days Invitational Pottery Sale, please provide Watershed with your full contact details, an image of your work, and the information requested below.

"*" indicates required fields

If you have a different preferred name than your legal name, please provide BOTH to Watershed.
If your art practice/business has a name that doesn't include your name, please list below.
Mailing Address*
Please list the mailing address where you would like your check sent.

Watershed agrees to:

• Provide the artist with an 8-foot table and a white tablecloth for the Salad Days Pottery Sale.
• Display work in an attractive manner if the artist is unable to attend the sale and set-up the work themselves.
• Split proceeds from sales of work with the artist at a rate of 50% to the artist and 50% to Watershed.
• Pay the artist, via check, for sales of work within one month following the event.
• Charge, collect, and submit Maine State sales tax for all applicable sales.
• Inventory the work upon arrival to Watershed and immediately after the end of the Pottery Sale.
The artist agrees to:*
• Supply an inventory list using Watershed’s form.
• Label each piece of work legibly with the artist's initials, inventory number, and price before the work arrives at Watershed.
• Cover any shipping/transportation costs of work to and from Watershed, if applicable.
• Reply promptly (within 2 business days) to Watershed staff emails. • Provide a completed W9 form to Watershed upon request.
Stein Sale*
Would you like to sell 5 - 10 vessels as part of the Stein Sale?

"Steins" are large, handled mugs; are labeled with ST in addition to the artist's initials; are sold in a separate tent at Salad Days; and their purchase includes a complimentary serving of an alcoholic beverage for those of legal age.
Jewelry Sale*
Would you like to sell any jewelry items in the Salad Days Pottery Sale?

Jewelry items are sold at a separate table in the Pottery Sale Tent and are labeled with JE in addition to the artist's initials.
Damage Agreement*
Watershed will reimburse the artist for any damages to work that occur while in Watershed’s possession; specifically from the date of delivery to Watershed until the work is purchased or until the work is repossessed by the artist or by a proxy appointed by the artist. Watershed is not responsible for damage of work during transit to or from Watershed and is not responsible for damages that occur after the purchase of work.
Delivery of Work*
Post Sale Pick Up of Work*
Please let us know how you plan to retrieve your work after the sale.

*If you plan to take your work with you after Salad Days, please note that it takes approximately 1 hour to complete a final inventory after the sale closes.
Image of Your Work
Please attach an image of work that is representative of what you'll be selling at Salad Days. By doing so, you give permission for Watershed to use the image in promotion of the event. Files should be in .jpg format and may be no larger than 1MB. You may also email an image to twarner@watershedceramics.org.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Image Permission*
May Watershed use images of your work found on your website or Instagram to promote your inclusion in the 2024 Salad Days Pottery Sale?
Please use the box below to include any other relevant information to the Salad Days Pottery Sale (i.e. other delivery or pick-up arrangements, legal name for check, etc).