School Funded Student Assistantships

The intent of Watershed’s Summer Assistantship Program for ceramic art students is twofold: to provide access to Watershed’s Summer Programs to individuals who might otherwise not be able to attend Watershed; and to create sustainable relationships with sponsoring institutions.

The benefits of the Assistantship Program include:

  • For Students: Participants attend Watershed free of charge (courtesy of sponsoring institution) in trade for work. Not only do individuals participate fully with the resident artists in their session, they also have an opportunity to work side-by-side with our staff and gain greater insights about the operation of a residency program. Participants also have many opportunities for learning and networking beyond the walls of academia.
  • For Institutions: Participating institutions gain by providing an individual the opportunity to take part in a unique residency program annually. As an Assistantship partner with Watershed, your institution establishes an on-going relationship with a national program and is recognized in Watershed’s promotional information as a sponsor.
  • For Watershed: As a non-profit with an educational mission, Watershed welcomes the opportunity to integrate students into our summer residencies – both as artists and as assistants. We also value our collaborations with sponsoring institutions and our ability to work together to create funded assistantships on an on-going basis.

How does the program work?

  • The sponsoring institution selects a participant and agrees to provide $900 (for a 2-week session) or $1100 (for a 2.5-week session) to Watershed to cover the cost of the student’s residency. Some institutions are able to tap department or other summer programming funds. Others have established an endowment fund or worked with student art or clay organizations/clubs to act as the sponsoring entity. Institutions have the option of providing funding for travel and/or material expenses to participants. While we are happy to accept fully funded assistantships on a year-by-year basis, our preference is to establish on-going relationships with sponsoring institutions.
  • The participant agrees to work for Watershed fifteen hours per week and take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the residency. Each participant selects a session to attend and notifies Watershed by submitting the on-line Assistantship Application form.
  • Watershed provides the student with a double-occupancy room, all meals, 24/7 studio access and all other privileges afforded residents.

If you are interested in creating a residency assistantship, we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you. We would also be pleased to provide references from sponsoring institutions or from recent participants. If you would like to proceed with an assistantship, sign up via the link below: