Watershed’s Teaching Artists

Liz Proffetty

Liz Proffetty holds a BFA in ceramics from Maine College of Art (formerly Portland School of Art) and postgraduate certifications in elementary education and K-12 art. She has worked as a production potter for 18 years at a small pottery shop and has maintained her own studio practice for 25 years. A passionate artist and teacher, she has taught art at elementary and high schools throughout Maine. She currently teaches at Southport Central School and owns Neighborhood Clay, a retail gallery for Liz Proffetty Ceramics and teaching studio, in Damariscotta, Maine.


Malley Weber

Malley Weber, MFA-IA (Interdisciplinary Arts), has been teaching ceramics for more than 25 years. She currently teaches ceramics at the University of Maine at Augusta and owns and operates Hallowell Clay Works, a community clay studio and craft gallery in Hallowell. She is also a teaching artist for the Maine Arts Commission. She’s passionate about using local resources and promoting the use of local clay. Malley is also studying for her MSW with a special interest in sensorimotor education and neural pathway repair through working with the hands.