Resisting: Surface & Form Explorations: 2020 Summer Session III Preview

In this guest post, Shalya Marsh and Naomi Clement share the inspiration and ideas that led them to organize 2020 Summer Residency Session III: Resisting: Surface and Form Explorations. Additional participating artists include Marianne Chenard, Arthur Halvorsen, Mike Gesiakowski, Jill Oberman, Lindsay Rogers, and Adero Willard. Space in the session is available for those interested in joining the group from July 5-17. Learn more and register for this session.

Shalya Marsh


Looking at our work side by side, there are no immediate similarities; Naomi makes brightly colored and decorated functional vessels and Shalya makes elegant abstract porcelain sculptures. However, both of us rely heavily on the use of resist techniques when making our work. Whether analog or digital, we each use resist processes to create specific imagery and develop layered surfaces. 

The idea for this session was born of this shared use of resist techniques, and our interest in working alongside other artists who use this approach in their process. Our hope is that this session will bring together makers working across the ceramic spectrum with a common interest in resist processes so that we can learn from one another. In this spirit of experimentation, a key part of this residency will be a shared “create space” that will allow participants to experiment with a variety of tools and materials such as laser and die cut paper and vinyl stencils, shellac, latex and wax resist. A Klick n Kut die cutter capable of cutting a wide range of materials and a Thermofax for easy screens for printing will be also be available for use.  All artists will be encouraged to share methods and tools to explore new avenues for their work through daily short demonstrations and conversations, as well as some collaborative exercises.

Naomi Clement


We view this residency as an opportunity to dive in and experiment with ideas and processes that are new to us, and with less of a focus on finished, resolved work. It is always amazing what new work can come from asking the simple question, “what if?” We are eager to learn from invited artists and session participants, and look forward to sharing our own knowledge with the group. Participants are encouraged to come to this residency with this same spirit of curiosity and fun!

We can’t wait to see what emerges from this residency!

Join this session today! Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first served basis. Scholarship applications are due 2/15. The session takes place during Watershed’s annual Salad Days celebration, and participating artists will get to take part in the festivities.