Studio FAQ

The information below provides details on what to expect in the studio when taking part in a Watershed residency.

What is Watershed's studio like?

Built in 2021, the 7,500 square-foot Windgate Studio offers artists a state-of-the-art, open concept space to work and connect with other makers. The studio provides ideal conditions for interaction and self-directed exploration at a variety of scales. During a residency, artists receive dedicated studio space that includes a canvas-covered table in the large open-concept workspace. Electric and kick wheels, as well as a variety of standard ceramic equipment – including slab-rollers, mixers, wheels, and an extruder – are available for resident artist use.

Windgate Studio features: 

  • 4,800 square feet of studio space with a single-level, open-concept floor plan designed for ceramic work with easy access to raw materials and kilns
  • Dedicated plaster room
  • Dedicated glaze area
  • Spray booth with water curtain filtration
  • Temperature regulation in all seasons 
  • Accessible and ADA compliant

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Is there formal studio instruction during a residency?

Watershed does not provide formal instruction during residencies. Artists who attend a residency need to be comfortable working independently in the studio. However, Watershed studio staff are available during working hours to answer questions. 

Staff are happy to explain the operation of available equipment and kilns, discuss materials and processes, help trouble-shoot issues, offer advice on firing, and will coordinate and organize group kiln firing schedules.

Watershed’s open studio is designed to foster interaction between residents. We believe that peer-to-peer learning and the ‘hive-mind’ are often our strongest resource. In addition to staff being on-hand to answer questions, resident artists with more kiln firing experience and studio expertise often provide insights and offer pointers to those with less experience.

What kilns are available?

List of kiln dimensions and current firing fees

Watershed studio staff do not fire kilns for participants during a residency, but are available during working hours to answer questions, provide advice, and troubleshoot. 
Please note: wood kilns require advanced planning with studio staff, as well as considerable knowledge, time, and labor to fire. To fire a wood kiln during a 2-week residency, artists usually need to bring bisque-fired work with them. Artists who do not have experience firing wood kilns are strongly encouraged to take one of Watershed’s wood firing workshops prior to firing the wood kiln during a residency.


  • Nabertherm Front-loading: 9.8 cu ft
  • Front-loading Fredrickson: 14 cu ft
  • Skutt KM1027 Top-loading: 7 cu ft
  • Skutt KM818 Top-loading: 2.6 cu ft
  • (2) Skutt KM1227 PK Top-Loading: 9.9 cu ft


  • Salt/Soda down-draft: 18 cu ft
  • Bailey Down-draft: 18 cu ft
  • Car down-draft: 55 cu ft
  • Olympic 23 Raku: 7.5 cu ft


  • Train Kiln: 45 cu ft
  • Salt/Soda Catenary Kiln: 48 cu ft

Is it possible to work with plaster?

The studio has a designated area for plaster work but Watershed does not routinely stock plaster due to its short shelf life. If you anticipate working with plaster, please contact us in advance so we can stock the appropriate supplies.

Can I buy supplies in the studio?

A large inventory of raw materials to make clay and glaze is available for purchase but Watershed does not stock commercial glazes or underglazes.

At the beginning of each session, we pick up supply orders from Portland Pottery for those who are traveling long distances and are unable to bring materials with them. Find more details on advance supply purchasing through Portland Pottery on our residency general info page.

Is there space at Watershed to create installation work?

Watershed’s rural campus offers many possibilities for site-specific installation. We encourage artists interested in creating installation work during a residency to contact us in advance to discuss plans and ideas. Artists can often install work outdoors and some indoor installations may be possible. Artists are responsible for returning any space used for installation work to the condition in which they originally found it.


If I live locally, can I rent kilns or studio space at Watershed?

Kilns can be rented for personal or group use. Find more information on our kiln firing page. At this time, Watershed does not offer studio space rentals. If you are interested in renting off-season studio space, please contact the office at (207) 882-6075 to be notified when it becomes available.

Do you have a camera I can use to photograph my work?

Artists are encouraged to bring their own equipment for documentation. Watershed does not have dedicated documentation equipment or space.